Bespoke work away from masts and oars

With a proven pedigree in the world of wooden yacht masts and oars, our skills and knowledge have often been called upon within similar industries. As a glue-lam specialist and with the flexibility and facilities to take on a wide range of projects, diversification has become common place.

With the growing demand for traditional and sustainable materials within modern architecture, internal and external columns, both structural and cosmetic, have become regular work to satisfy this growing market. With the ability to turn almost any size of column from a variety of materials, there is little we cannot accommodate. 

The link below will highlight some of the bespoke projects we have undertaken over the years. 

The logical progression into wooden masts

Over the years Collars' spars have been used in Olympic competition, crossed all of the worlds Oceans, and can be found on nearly all wooden sparred production boats ever made. With a capacity of producing any wooden mast or spar up to 100' in length....


Having made our name in producing the finest quality wooden rowing oars for crews throughout the world, it is hardly surprising that we are still producing a comprehensive range today. At the lower end of the range are the standard wooden oars, offering quality and value for everyday use. Using the skills from three generations of the Collar family, a pair of Spruce spoon or skiff oars can be produced individually to the customer's requirements.


Whether looking to replace an historical flagpole, or raising a celebratory flag, our pedigree in producing the finest quality wooden masts for over 80 years makes Collars the obvious choice for making any flagpole. Using the finest quality timber available, our skilled craftsmen are able turn by hand, any size or configuration required. With our bespoke service, we will guide you throughout the complete process, from an initial consultation to erecting the finished product.


With a history dating back over 80 years, we have produced mast and spars for some of the most beautiful yachts in existence. Specialising in producing the finest quality yacht masts and spars, we pride ourselves on a personal, tailored service and maintain a close and constant contact with our customers. From the critical choice of timber to the final stages of smoothing and varnishing, a Collars product has over eighty years of experience and expertise put into it, making us the number one choice time and time again.

The following links are a small selection of the some of projects we have been proud to be part of in recent years.

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Class Drawings

6 meter1

Over the last 80 years we have no doubt produced masts for nearly every dinghy class that has ever been built. As a result of this, we have archives of drawings built up over the years, ranging from full A0 Fairey Aviation plans to scraps of paper with successful rig designs on for development classes, such as the International 14.

Below is a small selection of the more popular small boat designs we hold, and even if your class is not listed, there is a very good chance we could find it somewhere in our archives.

12' National Graduate Salcombe Yawl
14' Day Boat Gull Scorpion
18' National Heron   Seabird
420 I.D.R.A Sharpie
5-0-5 International 12' Sharpie 12 sq meters
Albacore International 14' South Coast One Design
ASC 16' Dinghy   International Ok Class St. Mawes OD
Bantry Bay Longboat   Island Class Stella
Blackwater Sloop Kestrel Class Sunbeam
Brightlingsea   Lapwing Tamarisk 19
Cadet Leader Tamarisk 24
Comet Loch Long Teign Dart OD
Concept 17 Longshore 13' Tideway
Contessa Merlin Rocket Trade Wind 25
Cornish Crabber Mermaid Trade wind 35
Dragon Minstrel Treaddar Bay
Dragonfly   Mioshipman Twinkle 12
Duckling Moth   - Europa Vagabond
Eleven Plus Moth - American Vertue
Enterprise   Moth - British Victory Class
Eventide National 12' Wayfarer
Fairy Duckling National 14' Westerly 22
Falmouth Bass Boat National 18'   West Mersea Sprite
Falmouth Pilot National Redwing Wivenche OD
Finn Norfolk Oyster X OD
Fire Boat Norfolk Gypsy Yachting Monthly 3 Tonner
Firefly OK Yachting World Rambler
Flying Dutchman Pegasus 14' Yachtingmonthly Senior
Flying Fifteen Peoples Boat Yachtingworld Peoples Boat
Folkboat Privateer Yachtingworld Rambler
G.P 14 Privateer Yarmounth 23
Golant Gaffer Royal Burnham   Yorkshire OD