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Flag Pole Specifications

Our flagpoles are tailor-made to individual requirements. Please call us if you need advice about the pole you require, it's installation or finish.

We manufacture flagpoles from Oregon Pine as it provides the best strength to weight ratio and is a hard wearing timber giving the flagpole longevity. The dimensions of the pole are relative to the overall length but in general, the diameter will be constant for 2/3rds of it's length before a gentle taper over the last 1/3rd, to make it look aesthetically pleasing.


A 3ft square section can be left at the base for a tabernacle or timber splint mounting, if required. We can supply these fittings too.

The pole is complete with a pulley wheel at the top, a decorative button/finial and a flag halyard and the cleat for securing it.

Finishes to a flagpole include varnish, oiling or a white exterior gloss system that requires little ongoing maintenance.

Price examples for a flagpole with pulley, button and halyard and finished with a full white exterior gloss system:

18' pole 3-3/4" diameter - £900 + VAT
20' pole 3-7/8" diameter - £1,078 + VAT
22' pole 4-1/4" diameter - £1,166 + VAT
25' pole 4-1/2" diameter - £1,324 + VAT


If you have any questions about the size of the flagpole you need please call us on 01865 341277

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